Skin Manager: Skin File

Structure of the Skin File

Skins can be uploaded/updated by a zip file. This zip file will replace the entire contents of the skin with the specific name. The existing directory will be expunged before installation, so updates will not "add" archives, but rather "replace" the entire skin.

Skin zip files has the following rules concerning its contents. All files that not match these criteria will be ignored. The skin manager will silently ignore these files, these files will also not be stored in the archive.

  1. All css files must be located in the root.
  2. There must be a directory images
  3. Only image files (png|gif|jpg|jpeg|tif|tiff) may be located in the directory images
  4. All other files are ignored

A typical layout of zip file is:

Path Type Description
portal.css css The portal stylesheet
tool.css css The stylesheet for the tools
images/ directory The image directory
images/* png|gif|jpg|jpeg|tif|tiff Images

A skin may not contain: