Skin Manager: Overview

Install and Manage Skins in Sakai

The Skin Manager can be upload, update and remove skins.

Key features

Skin zip files: ease of install

A standard structure for skin zip files makes it easy to install skins. No system-administrator is needed to install skins on a Sakai installation. The contents of the .zip file is checked against the standard structure. For a detailed description of the zip file, see Skin File

Skin archive: access to all skins ever installed on the system.

Over time, skins get updated and modified. The skin archive keeps track of every skin the skin tool ever has been in contact with. This way, the tool is capable of restoring skins from the archive. The skin archive automatically synchronizes with the file system, and even restores missing skins if a new Sakai installation overwrites the skin directory. The skin archive is available from the details page. To revert to previous versions of the skin, the edit permission is required.

Undeleting skins

The tool will keep an archive of all versions of the skin it ever had contact with. A skin can be deleted, but the archive remains. The skin can be "undeleted" by creating a skin with the same name and using the history to revert to the previous skin. Of course, one must know the name of the deleted skin.